Breville Blender Reviews

Our top pick for the Breville range is the smart looking Breville Hemisphere Control Blender, it comes with preset function buttons, including one just for smoothies.

Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

If you want a powerful machine this one has a 750 watt motor that does all the thinking for you this could be it.

Push the smoothie button and walk away – it automatically turns itself off at the end of the preset cycle.

Along with the smoothie setting it has ice crush and pulse, plus five electronic speed settings – labelled as snow, mix, blend, liquify and puree.

An All Round Multi-Tasker

With these multi-task buttons you are set up for loads of other blender and food processing tasks – like:

  • Grinding nuts into flour
  • Whizzing bread into breadcrumbs
  • Whipping up a batch of pesto
  • Blending a delicious winter soup

This cutie, with its illuminated buttons, clocks up 4.2 stars with hundreds of Amazon reviews, and sell for around $200. It comes in three colors – stainless, black and cranberry. It weights 8.6 pounds and stands 17 inches high by 6.5 inches by 8 inches.

Fans love it, and say it’s a sturdy and stable machine that blends really well – and can handle spinach, kale, carrot, apples and all sorts of fruits. Its wide blades are designed to hug the bottom of the jug, force down the ingredients on the top and ensure there are no food traps. Some reviewers have issues with how well it blends the likes of spinach and kale and the consistency of its smoothies – though the majority say the opposite and think it does a brilliant job.

Features 6 Cup Pitcher And LCD Timer

The Breville Hemisphere Control Blender has a round-shaped pitcher, made from BPA free and shatter resistant plastic. The pitcher also:

  • Is nice and large holding 48 ounces of liquid, or 6 cups
  • Comes with a snug fitting rubber rimmed lid, with a ring pull for easy removal
  • Has a removable insert so you add ingredients as you go
  •  Has a wide bottom
  • Has measurement lines on the front

The blade assembly and base is attached to the pitcher – it comes as one unit and can’t be separated unless you get out your toolbox thus probably voiding the warranty. It’s a feature you might or might not like, some find it an issue when cleaning the blender, but it does mean there’s no chance of leakage.

A nice touch is the LCD timer display that counts up on the speed settings – switching off at 60 seconds to avoid overheating – and down on the pre-programmed cycles, like the smoothie one. The 60 second switch off is a great function if you tend to wander off or get distracted in the kitchen.

Smoothie Preset Button Takes Away The Guess Work

With the one minute smoothie preset button the machine automatically cycles between a series of speeds and pulses, folding and aerating the ingredients to create a nice creamy smoothie. Of course you don’t have to use the smoothie setting to make your smoothie, you can work your way through the various speeds and pulses experimenting to create the blend that suits your taste.

Fans say this relatively quiet machine is quick and easy to clean; the pitcher and lid (not the motor base) can go in the dishwasher – brilliant.

The blender gets its name from Breville’s hemisphere blade system which is about belending evenly processing both the ingredients floating on top and sitting at the bottom of the blender.

Celebrity Chef Gives His Take

Check out Brit celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal for a lowdown on the technical side of the Hemisphere Blender system.

This Breville machine – with the fancy model number BBL605XL – has a one year warranty, and you can find the instruction manual online. We hope our Breville Blender Reviews helped you with your decision.

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